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As a professional glass blower and a lover of music, I made my first glass panflute in 1981. Much experience and knowledge of this fascinating instruments has been acquired through continuous developement and in cooperation with other panflutists. Today I have a collection of elaborate glass panflutes ranging from soprano to contra bass.
Similar to flutes made of bamboo or wood, the quality does not only depend on the materials used. Diameter, thickness and form of the pipe ends have a significant influence on the tone and sound of the instrument.
For this reason I have designed two basic types of glass panflutes.
- The Easy type: The glass pipes are thinner with specially formed pipe ends. Their lovely, firm tone is very appealing.
- The Master type: These thicker glass pipes have thicker pipe ends, and produce a light, wonderful and dynamic tone.
The quality of the glass surface has a lot of advantage. The perfectly smooth inner tube effectively improves the timbre and sonority. Remarkable is also the instruments' excellent stability and its resistance to humidity, temperature and age.
And the design: Glass panflutes are made transparent and can optional make to matt.
And another interesting detail: It is easier to make a glass flute than a bamboo flute - that explains the favourable price.









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