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For many years glass has been a fascinating substance to the human race.

Because of it's excellent quality glass has found it's way into very different areas, including music.

In 1761 Benjamin Franklin invented the glass harmonica. W.A. Mozart and other composers used glass instruments in many of their compositions and in that way they became well known. Among those were the piano harmonica the glass piano and the euphon.

These historical glass instruments with their special, soft timbre were appreciated by some hundred listeners in the concert halls of that time. Soon the glass instruments with their smaller tone volume, gave way to the bigger orchestras, which became more popular.

In modern times the art of making classical glass instruments such as trumpets, flutes and others has been picked up again. Unfortunately these objects of value are not very common.

- What about panflutes made of glass? In fact this really is nothing new.

In the early eighties Peder Rizzi, Simion Stanciu "Syrinx" and I began building glass-panflutes, although neither of us knew about the others. The instruments of the two musicians were carefully constructed like bamboo-flutes. Wonderfull instruments were the result.

Simion Stanciu "Syrinx" published in 1989 "Mozart: Concert for Flute and Harp", played on his glass-panflute.

Peder Rizzi is still playing his glass instrument.

The development of my glass-panflute is different. I am a professional glass-blower for technical device. The result is good quality and a reasonable price.

Up to now I have built over 350 glass-panflutes and selling them in 16 countries.



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